b'424 $ All Prices in Sailing AidsCanadian Dollars $Tiller Stabilizer & Lock Tiller Tamer Maintains cruising courseno handsin Sailboat Tiller Control Aidany weather and wind conditions. Retains full cockpit spaceno loss of seating. Provides smooth adjustable tension from fullylocked to fully free. Gives improved control and feel to the tillerhandle. Equally adaptable to outboard and inboardrudder tillers. Does not interfere with automatic steering systems. Ends need for lashing of the tiller when boatis moored, in a slip, or on the trailer.#2205 $ 52.95 Sail Track Stops $15.95 Ea.#2350 Round .50 Dia.x.875" (12.5X21mm) #2351 Flat .42 X 1 X .125" (10 X 25 X 3Mm)#2352 Flat .75 X 1 X .125" (19 X 25 X 3Mm)When it\'s time to lower your sail you can rely on Davis\' Round and Flat SAIL TRACK STOPS to hold your sail and its slides in place on the mast and boom. Large knurled wheels are released with ease. Made of heavy-duty, black anodized aluminum and marine grade nickel plated brass. Flat stops come with lanyard holes.Adhesive Mount Wind-Tel#1265$ 15.00Easy to install wherever a sensitive wind direction indicator is needed. Particularly helpful when used with the Davis Hand Bearing Compasses to establish correct position of marks for sail boat races. Can also be attached to Davis Wind Wizard fir easier reading in shifting wind conditions. Can be mounted on other instruments with vertical surfaces. Comes complete with two adhesive bracket-mounting pads.424 email: hmp@hollandmarine.comwebsite: www.hollandmarine.comfax:905-891-7972tel:905-891-1639'