b"Wind Vanes $ All Prices in 427Canadian Dollars $The Original SPAR-FLY#1310 $43.95America's most popular wind indicator!The SPAR-FLY combines needle bearing balance, high impact plastic, and marine grade metals for unsurpassed sensitivity and durability. Spoiler holes in the vane reduce lift and increase accuracy. The SPAR-FLY is unaffected by angle of heel. Comes equipped with both a top mount fitting and the new quick-release side mount. Easily seen from the deck because of its V-shaped silhouette and bright red color. Weighs only 1.25 oz. #1311 Extra SPAR-FLY Vane $ 12.95COK-L-BUR#1290 $ 24.00Ingenious is the word for the COK-L-BUR, one of the most versatile wind finders ever designed. Its shaft can be easily bent to fit in more places on more boats than you can imagine. Utilizing a balanced, sensitive feather, an aluminum clamp, and a Velcrol strap which secure-ly locks the unit to a mast or boom, the COK-L-BUR is ideal for Lasers, Force 5's, Sunfish, Sailfish, Aqua Cats, and many more.Snap Tool Multi-KeyA deck plate key with attitude! Many tools in one, this new multi-key wants to go along on your next outdoor adventure! The Snap Tool Multi-Key is a pocket-sized stainless steel tool that is handy, universal, and strong-perfect for all outdoor activities. Deck plate key, Un-Snap Canvas Snaps/Snap Canvas Snaps, Zipper Puller, Cutting Tool, Hex Wrench, Screwdrivers, Scraper, Pin Shackle Key, and Bottle Opener. # 382$19.95Holdz-ItHoldz-It is the perfect holder for most personal electronic devices. It comes with three attachment methods; screws, hook and loop fasteners or suction cups. Excellent for those who take along a portable cell phone, GPS or VHF when boating, sailing, fishing or camping. Installs in minutes. Radios, phones or electronic devices are held in place with a hook and loop strap or stretch cord; Holdz-It comes with both. Portable, convenient, safe and secure. Dont be the one to find out how long your cell phone floats! Part Number#262Price:$ 17.00email: hmp@hollandmarine.comwebsite: www.hollandmarine.comfax:905-891-7972tel:905-891-1639 427"