b'428 $ All Prices in Wind VanesCanadian Dollars $Star Port Tell-Tale#231$ 6.00Wind-On-The-Sails-Indicator Determines optimum pointing angle and sailtrim setting. Each packake complete with fittings ready for attachingwithout tools. Waterproof.Air-Flow Tels#950$ 12.50(14 Tels)You\'re Sailing Blind Without Them!Lightweight, ripstop nylon AIR-FLOW TELS attach to sails withwaterproof adhesive locator discs. No holes required. TELSshow the air flow across the sailsallowing you to trim sails formaximum performance. Each kit includes 14 TELS and fullinstructions on where to apply and how to read them.Windex 15#3150Windex Sport #3120$ 53.95$ 80.95 The same proven designed The best there is! Desiqned forconcept as the Windex 15in masthead installationon cruisersa smaller slze. The Windex and ocean racers. Provides highlySport is intended for mast-head visible precise wind information onmountand is compatible with masts up to 70\' (21 m). the Ideal for small cruisersCan be easily equipped withand one design boats.Wind Wlndex Light (#3200).vane length 10" (250mm) Wind vane lenqth 15"(380mm) Weight1.2 oz# 3151 Extra Vane$ 49.95 #3101 Extra Vane $ 33.95Windex Av Antenna Mount Wind VaneDavis recently introduced this complete kit that allows you to install a Windex 15" vane to any Shakespear, Metz or other brand whip antenna. Sailors have been doing this installation themselves for many years by taking apart a standard Windex 15" vane and installing the parts onto these kinds of antennas. The Windex AV is a much more economical way of doing this. Comes with Teflon bearing washers, adjustable stainless tacking arms and reflectors underneath the tabs and wind vane. Reduce masthead clutter by combining two installations into one!#3160Windex Av $ 56.95 #3161 Windex Av Vane Only $ 40.95Windex Light #3200 $ 45.50A unique lighting system which makes it as easy to "read the wind"at night as during the day, from anywhere on deck.The Windex Llght is mounted directIy to the masthead fitting of the Windex 10 and 15.The non dazzling light from the 12-volt bulb Illumlnates the reflecting surfaces of the reference tabs and vanes. Completely waterproof with non corroding, silver parts. Low battery draln. #3201 Replacement Bulb $ 7.00 #3201L Replacement LED Bulb $ 10.00428 email: hmp@hollandmarine.comwebsite: www.hollandmarine.comfax:905-891-7972tel:905-891-1639'