b'Wind Vanes $ All Prices in 429Canadian Dollars $HMP Wind IndicatorOur wind indicator incorporates a ball bearing providing a sensitive pivot for accurate wind direction.Made of lightweight plastic and aluminum.Total length 14-1/2" #70092 $ 33.95Optional night light 12V0.15amp #320045.50Windex Surf ForSailing SurfboardsThe curved fitting plate is to be sewn onto the luff of the sail. A suitable position is approximately one foot above the boom or lower as requiredas long as it is easy to observe when sailing. It is very important that thefitting plate is fastened symmetrically to the luff of the sail, to allow thevane to give the same reading on both tacks.The fitting plate stays permanently on the sail.Removable vane, made of unbreakable ZYTEL.# 3300SPECIAL$ 20.00Deluxe Universal Masthead MountPerfect for mounting your Windex or Telo wind direction indicators away from other hardware at the masthead, or for better visibility from the deck. The 13 inch (33 cm) aluminum boom provides plenty of clearance away from VHF antennas, masthead lights, wind velocity sensors, etc. The Universal Masthead Mount will attach to virtually any vertical,horizontal,curved,or flat surface.lt is adjustable so that the boom remains level even if the mounting surface is inclined up to + 20. All hardware is either corrosion resistant aluminum or stainless steel. #1705$ 46.95Wind PennantsSmall terylene wind Pennant. Flag measures 5-1/4 x 3-3/8" and comes in a variety of colours. 3/16" diam. stainless steel staft with mounting bracket. Weight 1.4 oz# RF93$ 25.00Racing Pennant. Regulation 6"x4" size in bright coloured terylene. Shaft locking springs allow simple fitting through mast top plugs of any thickness or non-Permanent mounting to a tubular type bracket. 12" long with 3/16" diam. stainless steel tube staff. Weight 1.9 oz.#RF107 $ 25.00Queaz-away Boaters WristbandsQueaz-Away is a non-drug aid for people on the go. The unpleasant effects of choppy seas, can ruin a trip or outing. Queaz-Away wristbands exert gentle pressure on acupressure points on each wrist to minimize or eliminate the miserable effectsof travel. Made of tough, long-lasting, washable materials. Safe and easy to use. Simply slip onto wrists, position, and enjoy your travel. No complicating buckles or adjustments. One size fits all! Handy carrying case included. Used throughout the world by yachtsmen, pilots, divers, physicians and hospitals. SEA-BAND $ 15.95premail: hmp@hollandmarine.comwebsite: www.hollandmarine.comfax:905-891-7972tel:905-891-1639 429'