b'430 $ All Prices in AccessoriesCanadian Dollars $Key Chain FloatCork key chain float. 2" diameter float.#2515 $ 5.95Key Buoy. #530 $10.95When keys fall in the water, Key Buoy self-inflating key ring opens up, releasing an air tube which inflates automatically. The 14" (47 cm) inflated tube extends above the water, allowing you to reach over and pick them up.Strong enough for items for items weighing up to 2.8 oz. (80 g.), such as keys.Suitable for single use onlyUniversal Deck Plate KeyThe Universal Deck Plate Key is many tools in one. Besides fitting every deck plate that weve ever come across, use the tool as a screwdriver, shackle key, 7/16" (11mm) hex, 5/16" (8mm) hex or bottle opener. Made of 17-7 chromium nickel, this tool will not bend, even when using a wrench to leverage open a stubborn deck plate! The featured hex wrench sizes fit the most common hose clamp nuts. This one tool fits all deck caps. No need to go below several times to locate the right tool for the job!There\'s only one original Davis Deck Plate Key.#381 $ 7.00No Spill Avoid costly fines and do the right thing by using No-Spill to help protect the marine environment from gas and diesel spills which often occur while fueling your boat. When tank levels reach full, fuel often spills out of the tank vent. This is usually just a few ounces, but sometimes more in a poorly designed tank and venting system. No-Spill is a fuel resistant plastic bottle that fits over all tank vents up to 38mm (1 12") in diameter. It features a rubber seal that fits snug against the hull, covering the tank vent. The bottle is held in place with two super strong, long life suction cups. After fueling, any fuel spilled into the bottle can poured back into the tank again through the filler hose. No-Spill should be fully ventilated before storing below trial civil penalties and/or criminal sanctions including fines or imprisonment."#376 NLA430 email: hmp@hollandmarine.comwebsite: www.hollandmarine.comfax:905-891-7972tel:905-891-1639'