b'Swaging/Wire Cutter $ All Prices in 431Canadian Dollars $SWAGE-IT TOOLSFOR COPPER NICROPRESS SLEEVESDO YOUR OWN RIGGING AND MAKE EMERGENCY REPAIRSWAGE-IT TOOLSWhen an oval sleeve is swaged properly with a SWAGE-IT tool the fitting will hold the related#NO.2strength of a copper oval$ 63.95sleeve. When using the#2 SWAGE-IT TOOL#2 of #3 tool for loop endsSizes: 1/16, 3/32 & 1/8one oval sleeve will holdLength: 1/2" x 1 x 7Longthe full strength on 7x7Weight: 13oz.or 7x19 we recommend using two sleeves at each#NO.3end to hold full strength.$129.95#3 SWAGE-IT TOOLSizes: 1/8, 5/32 & 1/4"Length: 3/4" x 1-1/2 x 14 LongWeight: 3lbs.C-7 Pocket Wire CutterWill Cut Up To 3/16" Wire#C-7 $ 33.00# 1 Hand SwagerMulti-compression die swages up to 13 combinations of oval and stop sleeves. Oval Sleeves from 1/163/16; Stop sleeves to 7/32.6-1/2lbs., 26 Long. This tool aslo has a built in wire cutter for up to 3/16" wire.#1$119.95email: hmp@hollandmarine.comwebsite: www.hollandmarine.comfax:905-891-7972tel:905-891-1639 431'