b'Solar Vent $ All Prices in 433Canadian Dollars $Day-Night Solar VentAt last an affordable solar vent at an affordable price with all of the features!StainlessVent with NIMH battery for improved performance. Vent has on/off switch feature and is low profile.Moves 900 cubic ft. of air per hour, in or out.Both intake and exhast blade are included with the vent.When battery fully charged it can run up to 48hrs without sun light.Very quiet operation.4-3/4" diameter hole required, 9" diameter vent, 2-3/4" high.Comes with gasket and insided trim ring. We have sold hundreds at the Toronto Boat Show!#13027 $ 114.95*no wiring required.*high capacity battery can run vent for up to 48 hours.*quiet fan opperation*on-off switch*NIMH battery for better performance.*comes with both intake and exhaust blades.*comes with gasket and inside trim ring.Replacement Battery43mm long,23mm diameterWill not fit Nicro or Marinco ventsNF 20590BNIMH$9.00Replacement Battery50mm long,25mm diameterFor Nicro or Marinco VentsNF 20590$34.003" Solar Powered Stainless Steel Day-NightVent comesVentilators (plastic cover shown) with Stainless7-1/2"(O.D.), 3.15"(H), Made of Plastic.Cover.Two Types of Blade (Intake & Exhaust) Are Provided with Each Vent. 3 Ventilator Moves 700 Cubic Ft Air, High Quality Battery Can Run The Vent Up To 30 Hours with No Sunlight.No Wiring Required#NF20503S$ 104.95Mushroom VentShown side view, half open.Traditional plastic mushroom vent with brass treaded adjuster.When closed it is only 1" high andcan be walked on.Maximum open height is 3".Will not let rain in when closed.Comes with screen and thru deck liner.6" diameter, requires 6 pcs. #10 screw (not included).#13504 $20.00email: hmp@hollandmarine.comwebsite: www.hollandmarine.comfax:905-891-7972tel:905-891-1639 433'