b'Ventilators $ All Prices in 435Canadian Dollars $Keeps your boat dry 365 days a year- Draft FreeHow do you keep the rain out but let fresh air into a boat that- Water tightis closed up and sitting at the dock for days or even weeks at- Allows light belowa time? Powered by just a slight breeze, the Vent-O-Mate- No obstruction below ventilator will automatically exhaust stale, hot air and moisture- deckladen damp air from inside a closed boat to help eliminate mildew and odors from accumulating. This is a low profile ventilator that sticks up only 2-1/2 inches, offering minimum wind resistance when underway and reducing deck clutter.Model No. C-6 Wind moving over the open grill on top creates a partialWhitevacuum that literally sucks air from inside the boatremovesVent-O-Mate 350 cu. Ft. of air per hour with a breeze of only 6mph. evenVentilator with plastic when the vent is open, rain cannot enter; a welcome featurecover.when ventilating boats during long layups or idle periods.UNSURPASSED Vent-O-Mate is also ideal for adding ventilation to heads,Exhaust Ventilator galleys, forepeaks, and preventing damage to interior woodNo more dampness, cabinetwork. Install over anchor locker to dry wet line andModel No. C-6SS mildew or keep musty odor from below. Vent-O-Matecondensation. A clear shield on top permits light to enter and the grill can beVentilator with stainless closed from the inside during chilly weather if the owner wantssteel cover. We suggest#C-6$ 67.95to keep cabin heat inside. The unit is easily installed afterinstallation of C-6SS in cutting a 4 dia. hole in the deck or cabin top. It comes with outside protective covers, which are 8 dia., that are made ofheavy traffic areas.wither high impact white plastic, or stainless steel.#C-6SS$ 89.95Description: PlasticDescription: Stainless replacement cover only.Steel replacement cover Fits all Vent-O-Mateonly. We recommend Ventilators stainless steel covers for #C-6R $ 24.95 high traffic areas.#C-6RS $ 39.00VentUses 4" hose or pipe.Directionalair flow control with shut off damper.Made of plastic, available in white, black, and teak.Od 5-1/2"#384-1WHITE $ 24.00 #384-2BLACK $ 24.00#384-3TEAK BROWN $ 24.004" TO 3" Adapter (allows easy connection of a3" hose to the vent)#384-5$ 5.00email: hmp@hollandmarine.comwebsite: www.hollandmarine.comfax:905-891-7972tel:905-891-1639 435'