b'436 $ All Prices in PVC Cowl VentilatorsCanadian Dollars $Our PVC Cowl Vents come in both low profile or standard height models. Theyre a great supplement to an existing solar powered ventilation system and are commonly used as a bilge ventilating system with or without a mechanical blower. There are two basic ways to run duct hose below deck by using our basic Hose Adaptor or Thru-Bulkhead Hose Adaptor.Nicros first ventilation innovation was the Soft PVC Cowl Ventilator. Its remained highly popular because of its flexibility and return memory if stepped on. PVC Cowl Vents are safer than metal cowl vents: they prevent injury and resist snagging lines.Our Solar Powered Ventilators fit the same deckplates as PVC Cowl Vents. Complete interchangeability!Features: Soft PVC for safety and years of flexibility. Economy All White and Deluxe Red Interior models available. All snap-in PVC Cowl Vents come with deck ring and capmade of tough Cycolac plastic. Interchangeable with Nicro Solar Powered Ventilators. Easy to run duct hose from or to by using Nicro accessoriesLow Profile DeluxePvc Cowl Vent With Red Interior- 3" Or 4"3" red interior, with white snap-in deck ring and cap. 4 1/2" high.NF 10863$ 45.004" red interior, with white snap-in deck nng and cap. 5 1/2" high. NF 10864 $ 57.00Vent Low ProfileDip Molded PVC. Kit includes deck plate and cover. 2-3/4" diameter x 3-1/2" highCowl vents are designed for air intake or for cabin ventilation when used in conjunction with a dorade box. Great for bilge ventilation with or without a blower. Constructed of dip molded PVC these low-profile cowl vents are ideal for applications where a taller vent would foul lines or restrict crew movement. Includes snap-on deck plate and cover for use in rough weather. UV resistant. White with a traditional red interior. Note: Avoid contact with acetone or strong solvents.#727300$ 24.95436 email: hmp@hollandmarine.comwebsite: www.hollandmarine.comfax:905-891-7972tel:905-891-1639'