b'Navigation $ All Prices in 465Canadian Dollars $Davis Turbo Meter# 271 $ 222.95Electronic Wind Speed Indicator. The Turbo Meter provides uncommon accuracy, sensitivity, and pocket-sized convenience.To insure maximum sensitivity and accuracythe turbine is suspended on sapphire jewel bearings, and its rotation is sensed by an infrared light beam which adds no friction. A special three digit display is used for extra resolution and provides excellent viewing contrast in bright sunlight. A handy switch selects between four different scales for unmatched versatility.Also, the totally enclosed turbine and compact size make it easy to carry. so you always have it when you need it. Four scales: Miles Per Hour (0-99.9), Knots (0-87.9),Feet Per Minute (0-8790),Meters Per Second (0-44.8).Size: 1.16"h x2.6"Wx4.65"L).Batteries (not included) 3pcs. 1.5V AAARudder Position Indicator # 385$ 41.95Gives instant visual reference of rudder angle.The pointer swings a full 30 with each revolution of the wheel.Mounts easily with its self-adhesive pad directly to your hub [approximately 2" (51 mm) in diameter].Rugged, hermetically sealed, weatherproof and sunproof housing ensures long life.No cables, adjustments, or electricity required; gravity power makes it simple and service-free.Suitable for boats with mechanical and single station hydraulic steering systems.Chart Tube #086 $ 26.95Blue caps on clear tubes.All Purpose Storage ContainerWeatherproofFloats DurableIdeal for charts, documents, prints, papers, fishing rods, spare parts.40"x3" diameter.Made of marine grade plastics for total protection and long life. Tubes are large enough for most marine charts, yet stow easily. A special identification label is provided for quick cataloging of contents. Specially molded end caps assure maximum security.email: hmp@hollandmarine.comwebsite: www.hollandmarine.comfax:905-891-7972tel:905-891-1639 465'