b'466 $ All Prices in Navigation-SextantsCanadian Dollars $Deluxe Mark 25with Full-Field Dielectric#025 $ 299.95Full-field Beam Converger with quartz hardcoat replaces conventional half-silvered mirror. Horizon and astrobody images are combined in a single full-field for easy, reliable sights under the most difficult conditions. Special mineral coating is selective for different wavelengths of light. Horizon is transmitted in one colour region and the star or sun in another. Improved reinforced plastic stiffens frame for greater measurement accuracy. High-efficiency LED (solid-state Light Emitting Diode) illumination system, which floods arc and drum with soft light. The LED will last for the lifetime\' of the sextant. Positive "push-on" switching action, with vinyl boot water protection.Extra Beam Converger and Horizon Mirror, Spring and Screw Kit#R025F - $ 54.00Marine Sextant #011$ 79.95Learn to NavigateMARK 3 Full 7" (178mm) arc4 Sun Shades InstantlyAdjustableCorrosion proof The result of years of practical experience in the manufacture of precision instruments, this plastic sextant has been used as the sole means of navigating both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Enabling the yachtsman to take a ship to any part of the earth, it is used by professional, amateur and student navigators alike. This rugged, full-sized instrument reads to within 2\' of arc! Withinstruction booklet.Artificial Horizon#144$49.95Practice navigation without going to sea!More accurate than a natural horizon!Answers the need of every sextant user who cannot depend on a natural sea horizon. Use for backyard practice, to find exact position when inland, and for exact sextant shots on foggy mornings. To use, fill with water and read the angle of the reflected sun with yoursextant. Half your sextant reading is the sun\'s angle above the true horizon. Windproof and corrosion resistant, the reflecting surface is completely enclosed. Comes with two sun shades, a lid and full directions. Compact 6"x 4" x 1 1/2" (152mm x 102mm x 38mm).466 email: hmp@hollandmarine.comwebsite: www.hollandmarine.comfax:905-891-7972tel:905-891-1639'