b'Maintenance Products $ All Prices in 473Canadian Dollars $GELCOTE REPAIREasy On Bottom WaxKIT C/W 6 COLOURA non toxic, safe alternative to toxic PIGMENTS copper based antifouling paints, Hardner included. for power, sail, trailered, fiberglass #____100 $49.95 and aluminum boats. A clear soft moveable barrier surface, that can give full season protection in fresh water and intermittent salt-water environments. Applies easily with P.S.I. soft cloth in minutes. 45ml bottle will Epoxy Repair Sticks treat 24ft boat and both outdrives. Repair any project. Cures in 45Product NumberPrice Sizeminutes - Even underwater! Cut off amount required, knead for5425 $ 34.95 450ml1 - 2 minutes & repair. # 7056. 114 gr. Aquamend Boat Top Water Proofing A unique silicone to protect canvas # 5706 114 gr. QuikAluminum and synthetic tops. UV protection forstitching.Concentrated # 7555 114.gr. QuikPlastic $ 14.50 formula with industry leading 12% silicone.$ 26.25# 5106 114 gr. FastSteel each# 5884 400 ml 13 ozWater Tank TreatSimply add 25ml for each 25 liters of your drinking water holding tank toSpider Spraykeep your potable water fresh. EasyEliminates and prevents spiders to measure clear bottle.on your boat, dock, etc.# 5055 $19.95350 gr11 oz#4086 $ 14.95 250mlFresh TankDrinking Water Reservoir Freshner. This free rinse, no after taste productSudbury Fiberglass INSTANTLY refreshens drinkingRestorer and Waxwater reservoir and rinses out slime#_10010 $ 22.00build up. Recommended at beginning at end of each season to give total protection. #4031$ 24.501Kgemail: hmp@hollandmarine.comwebsite: www.hollandmarine.comfax:905-891-7972tel:905-891-1639 473'