b'Maintenance Products $ All Prices in 475Canadian Dollars $Head-O-Matic Tank-ette SystemInstantly solves head odors. Install in minutes#4106in the raw water intake on most manufacturers$ 108.00marine head systems. Every month or so simply pop a Head-O-Matic Bullet into the Tank-ette (no more messy blue chemicals). This system treats intake line (where the majority of odors originate), the bowl, the lines and the holding tank with each and every use. Typical InstallationHead-O-Matic Bullet Tank-ette replacement Cartridges Replacement Toilet Treatment Tablets.When nomore blue colour shows in bowl, simplyBiodegradable, Formaldehyde-Free. pop a bullet into the tank-ette. Lasts up to one4 per package #32S34R$ 37.00month or more.Rubbing Compound Imperial CompoundSuggested for heavy, aggressive compounding and Finishing Materialof oxidized gelcoat and marine paint. Clings to Has a fast cut and leaves anpaint and gelcoated surfaces - remains wet on excellent finish without swirlthe job with little or no mess. Buffs to high gloss marks. with minimum of swirl marks. Can be used by #06044$ 79.95 hand or machine. Maintains high rate of cut with constant pressure.#09004$ 29.00Restorer and WaxCleaner and WaxDesigned to remove HEAVYDesigned to remove LIGHT to oxidation, chalking, fading, minorMEDIU oxidation, clean, polish scratches, rust and exhaust stains;and protect fiberglass/gelcoat and plus provide protection on fiberglass/ marine topside paints. Unique gelcoat. Liquid. Unique formulationliquid formulation combines a combines a rubbing compound with acompound with a special blend of special blend of waxes which restorewaxes, which restore shine and shine and protect in one application. protect in one application.#09005$ 34.95 #09009$ 33.00email: hmp@hollandmarine.comwebsite: www.hollandmarine.comfax:905-891-7972tel:905-891-1639 475'