b'Maintenance Products $ All Prices in 477Canadian Dollars $Blue Head-O-MaticHead-O-Lube Shock TreatLiquid All manufacturers(Use once per season)New easy to use NON DRIPheads require a regularInstantly descales and deodorizes SPOUT, non stain waterlubrication. A regular twicewaste holding tanks. Purges waste washable dye and instant action. a month addition of Head- lines. An excellent product to sell O-Lube keeps the valves,hand in hand with winterizing pistons and shafts at peekfluid or use to solve mid season performance.malodour problems.#4085 $ 18.50 225ml #4025$ 21.50900mlMarine Toilet ConditionerCleans, lubricates and deodorizes.Keeps all parts of the marine toilet clean and in efficient working condition.Contains a special non-mineral oil that will not harm leather, rubber or fittings.Conditions #4020$ 20.00500ml by impregnation and lubricating all parts.Eliminates rather than masks odors.Non-caustic.Blue Granular For use with fresh or salt water.Head-O-Matic #STC-Q 32oz. Plastic Bottle $ 19.00Full Strength. A time release, non-stain, easy to dispense, EASY TO STORE, quaternaryBattery Equalizerbased granular formula.Cleans plates of sulphation.Batteries will charge faster and hold a charge longer.1 oz per cell in deep cycle batteries.#4826 $ 36.00500ml(16oz)Toilet Tissue Aqua Soft.*Soft snowy white tissue*Flushes easily from bowl.disintegrates rapidly in holding tanks.#4070 $ 19.95400gr *Helps prevent messy clogs.#408246.001.5Kg *Uniquely packaged in a reusable ditty bag to keep #408091.753.6Kg the rolls dry. #03300 $ 9.00Sailkote is the easy to apply high-tech, OneDrop Ball Bearing Conditioner andhigh performance dry lubricant that Lubricant is designed to be used on travelermakes sails, rigging, and anything that cars and other ball bearing applications tomoves on your boat run smoother, improve performance by reducing rollingwork more efficiently and last longer friction. OneDrop Ball Bearing Conditioner isthan you ever thought possible.the only product that Harken recommends for#572993$ 19.95 11oz use on ball bearing travelers and battcars. #81787$35.0016oz #20317$ 18.00email: hmp@hollandmarine.comwebsite: www.hollandmarine.comfax:905-891-7972tel:905-891-1639 477'