b'478 $ All Prices in Maintenance ProductsCanadian Dollars $Mast & Boom Cleaner &Lamp OilBrightener Quality paraffin-based lamp oil Easy brush on and hose off. For Anodizedproduces a bright flame and burns Aluminium and Painted Masts. Allows Forwithout smoking. Designed for Cleaner sails and Reduced Racing weightuse in wick feeding lamps or lamp #6605 NLA900ml candles. 14-673710ml $ 11.99Vinyl CleanerUltra Sail SpotterCleans deodorizes and helps extend theCleans Revitalizes and eliminates life of vinyl seating, windows and trim. tough spots. Leaf and most Mildew Easy Spray and wipe application. stains. Grease, Oil, Blood, Spiders. #5028 $ 18.95450ml D.I.Y. anytime and rinse. #5058$ 23.50450mlAluminum Boat Gel Bottom Cleaner Ultra Sail CleanBrush it on and hose it off, removesWhistle clean and De-Odorize all sailsalgae and marine growth off ofCleans and Brightens, Sails, aluminum, fiberglass, soundSpinnakers, Biminis, Canvas. Simple antifouling and outdrives. Unique gelD.I.Y. Action. Helps increase sail life.clings to the hull to prevent mess.#5504 $ 13.95450ml#6600$ 18.00900mlTwo-Part Teak Cleaner Part one is Alkaliai Formula which chemically strips grease,Remember if you buy 3 or more residue and oxidation. Natural Marine products to mail Part two is neutralizer thatin the manufacturers rebate!restores the teak to its natural colour. #5134 $ 30.50900mlx2Marine AlchoholStoveInstant heat marine alcoholThis ETHANOL 90-10 formula marine alcohol is designed to burn absolutely clean and prevent clogging of alcohol stoves. It lights easily and gives a continuous hot clean flame. 306 4L$ 34.99478 email: hmp@hollandmarine.comwebsite: www.hollandmarine.comfax:905-891-7972tel:905-891-1639'