b'480 $ All Prices in Shock CordsCanadian Dollars $The Sail-Joc Main Sail Tie-DownOur best mainsail tie down system!Now.Lash the sail to the boom 1-2-3. Made of nylon covered long lasting elastic cord. The Sail Joc attaches to any existing fitting or eye of the leech & the luff. Built in nylon hooks, secured by hand, neatly & quickly ties the sail down tight. Nothing to rust, stain, or damage sails. While sailing fits flush under the boom. Out of the way. Always ready to use.INSTALL: Secure parallel elastic strands flush to the underside of the boom with large clips. Position small furling clips and separation rings at any desired spot on boom For smaller boom: To shorten pull knotted end up and reknot.USE: Douse and furl sail. Pull hook over furled sail, secure to opposite elastic.For booms up to 12\' # 4999-12 $ 30.00For booms up to 15\' # 4999-1535.00Nylon Shock Cord HooksFour nylon shock cord hooks with brass rings. Easy to assemble. Fits 3/16" dia. shock cords.#5004$ 6.00Large Nylon Safety Snap HooksFour nylon safety snap hooks with brass rings. Easy to assemble. Will fit 5/16" and 3/8" shock cord. #5006$ 7.00Stainless Shock Cord HooksTwo heavy duty stainless shock cord hooks with stainless rings. Easy to assemble.Fits 1/4" dia. shock cords.#1040 $ 3.00Shock Loc Use Shock-Loc All Around The Boat!New nylon covered shock cord with self-locking nylon hooks. Solid brass clamps for strong, non-rust and no-stain use. Ideal for equipment tie-down. Unique new self-locking assembly. Place end of one hook inside loop of other hook and center. Use in series to make desired lengths.Use for sail tie downs.Plenty of uses. # 5003A 6 PCS 12" LONG$ 13.00# 5003B 5 PCS 18" LONG 13.00# 5003C 4 PCS24"LONG 13.00Heavy Duty Shock CordsHeavy duty shock cord assembly. With nylon safety snap hooks.Ideal for the extra heavy tie down jobs.Keeps all items shipshape and safe in both the cabin and on-deck.Heavy duty 1/4" nylon covered shock cord.#5005 $ 2.00/each480 email: hmp@hollandmarine.comwebsite: www.hollandmarine.comfax:905-891-7972tel:905-891-1639'