b'484 $ All Prices in PaintsCanadian Dollars $Pettit Protect High Build EpoxyFor prevention and repair of gelcoat blistering.This is an excellent water barrier.Being a high build epoxy, means less coats for protection.Normally two (to three) coats is recommended.#4700/4701 1 quart kitGray $ 64.95#4700/4701/G 1 gallon kit Gray139.95 #4100/41011 quart kit WhiteNLA #4100/4101/G1 gallon kit WhiteNLAOSMOSIS PREVENTION AND CURE4700/4701 Pettit Protect High Build Epoxy PrimerThe last step in the gelcoat blister repair system is the application of the final barrier, Pettit 4700/4701 High Build Epoxy Primer over the sealed and faired fiberglass laminate. For prevention of osmosis on new or unblistered hulls, the removal of the gelcoat, sealing and fairing is not required, and therefore application of the High Build Epoxy Primer is the first step. Regardless of which system you require, the application of the final epoxy barrier will be the same. Multiple coats are required (usually 2 or 3) until a dry film thickness of 18 mils (eighteen thousandths of an inch) is reached. Each coat may be applied in succession after the preceding coat has cured to a gel stage. After the final coat has reached the gel stage, the antifouling paint may be applied. Following this procedure will eliminate the need for sanding between coats, greatly reducing time and labour.Interprotect Barrier Coat#2000/2001-1LGRAY $ 48.95#2000/2001-4LGRAY118.95#2002/2001-1LWHITE48.95#2002/2001-4LWHITE118.95Marine Epoxy Repair CompoundEZ-Tex is an easy to use marine epoxy repair compound for use where a high strength, waterproof, permanent repair is needed. This unique formula creates a tenacious bond to most surfaces. Its buttery consistency will not sag or shrink and is excellent for filling cracks, gouges and voids. A 1:1 ratio makes mixing easy. EZ-Tex can be sanded, drilled, tapped, sawed and painted once cured.- Easy to use 1:1 mix ratio repair compound for cracks, gouges, voids and holes- High strength formula makes repairs permanent- 100% waterproof when cured- Can be used above and below the waterline- Will not sag, shrink or run # _71004oz$ 24.95484 email: hmp@hollandmarine.comwebsite: www.hollandmarine.comfax:905-891-7972tel:905-891-1639'