b"486 $ All Prices in Paints/VarnishesCanadian Dollars $SeaGoldWood Coating Technology for the 21st Century SeaGold brings marine wood finishes into the 21st century. Offering the beauty and durability of varnish, the ease of use of synthetic wood treatments, all while being low-odor and user friendly. SeaGold protects the wood using UV stable resins combined with added UV inhibitors as well as transparent pigments to provide a long lasting finish that will not turn brown or orange with exposure to the elements. SeaGold has a satin finish that enhances the beauty of the wood and its translucent amber colour does not hide or blur the wood grain.Easier to apply than old fashioned synthetic finishes- Quick dry, apply 3 to 4 coats per day- Can be applied over varnish- Translucent, will not hide wood grain- No smell, no mess, only a trace of VOCs- UV inhibitors provide long lasting finish- Easy soap and water cleanup- Use Pettit 140 Brushing Liquid to thin# 2045$ 57.95Z-Spar Flagship Varnish #2015$64.00/qt 2015 Flagship Varnish offers the highest U.V. protection available today in a marine varnish. Gloss retention in Flagship is superior to the leading competition as shown in recent laboratory weatherometer testing. 2015 Flagship Varnish brushes, levels and sands with the same outstandingcharacteristics as 1015 Captain's Varnish. It can be built up to many coats for a deep, rich, mirrorlike finish. The depth of gloss is increased with each coat. 433 or 120 Brushing Thinner 121 Spraying Thinner. Our best varnish !Z-Spar Captains Varnish #1015$ 59.00gloss/qt. A high solids marine varnish that is a copolymerization of several different resins and drying oils. 1015 Captains Varnish is recommended for the highest quality work. It has outstanding gloss retention and all around durability. It is considered by its many users to be the most durable varnish ever offered the boating trade. Contains Ultra-Violet Shield. 433 or 120 Brushing 121 Spraying Thinner .Captains Satin Sheen Varnishis specifically designed to enhance the beauty of interior woodwork with its soft, satin finish. Its pale, durable, long lasting polyurethane coat is water and alcohol-resistant. Satin Sheen is easy to apply and is intended for interior use only. Captains Satin Sheen Varnish is preferred by those professionals and do-it-yourselfers who derive pride and pleasure from quality brightwork. Use 120 Thinner for brushing, rolling or clean-up. Use 121 Thinner for spraying.V-975$ 57.95Pettit Hard Racing Bronze1959 Hard Racing Bronze is recommended for use in fresh water on racing hulls, sailboats, runabouts or cruisers. It is a non-antifouling hard racing finish that can be buffed and burnished to a high-gloss, ultra-smooth surface.Use 120 thinner for brushing, rolling or clean-up. Use 121 Thinner for spraying.#1959 $ 89.95/QT.486 email: hmp@hollandmarine.comwebsite: www.hollandmarine.comfax:905-891-7972tel:905-891-1639"