b'Pettit Paints $ All Prices in 487Canadian Dollars $Premium PerformanceExceptional bargain for economy-minded do-it-yourself painter. (VOC compliant)Provides excellent antifouling with an ablative surface that makes it an excellent choice for both power and sailboats. Premium Performance surface wears away over time eliminating build-up and the need for sanding. Premium can be applied over most coatings in good condition, as well as directly to wood, fiberglass and primed metal.PETTIT QUART699 Black #1880 59.00Our best selling antifoulingUltima provides excellent antifouling protection without the costs associated with high-end antifoulants. This unique formula combines all the advantages of both hard and ablative antifouling paints to produce a modern-day paint film designed to stand up to a seasons abuse. Ultima will self-polish over time yet remains durable enough to resist premature wear. It can be hauled and re-launched without repainting, and can be used on most previously painted surfaces. Ultima is equally effective on both power and sailboats.- Excellent seasonal antifouling protection- Hybrid paint film offers all the advantages of hard and ablative paints- Unique controlled erosion minimizes build up yet stands up to seasonal abuse- Hybrid technology reduces the need for sanding Color Quart Gallon- Can be painted up to 12 months before launching Blue 1282 1282/GBlack 1882 1882/GGreen N/ANLAPrice $ 59.95 $ 179.95Unepoxy Antifouling#1228 blue#1628 red$ 64.00/quartA high performance economy antifouling paint which has been custom formulated to provide outstanding bottom protection at a very affordable price. Unepoxy Plus is a modified epoxy that dries to a hard finish able to withstand season-long use and abuse. It has excellent adhesion to fiberglass, wood and properly primed steel hulls and is compatible over most previously applied bottom paints. Compared to other traditional modified epoxy antifoulants, Unepoxy Plus has more copper for the dollar making it the right choice for the value conscious boat owner. Unepoxy is available in five popular colours. 120 Brushing Thinner or 121 Spraying Thinneremail: hmp@hollandmarine.comwebsite: www.hollandmarine.comfax:905-891-7972tel:905-891-1639 487'