b"488 $ All Prices in Antifouling PaintsCanadian Dollars $Our Best Antifouling!#1250 BLUE $ 89.00qt.$ 244.95gal.#1850 BLACK 89.00qt. 244.95gal.#1650 RED 89.00qt. 244.95gal. #1350 GREEN 89.00qt. 249.00gal.Horizons Formerly ACP-50Unlike conventional bottom paints where the toxicant must leach out through a hard, permanent paint film, ablative paints expose fresh toxicant by wearing away at a controlled rate. For this reason, ablatives don't need as high a cuprous oxide content as conventional paints. Even so, ACP-50 has more cuprous oxide than many conventional paints, ensuring exceptional antifouling performance, even under severe fouling conditions. Once the toxicant has leached out of a conventional antifouling paint, it leaves behind a layer of dead paint. Because ACP-50 ablates, coating build-up is greatly reduced along with the labour and expense. Also due to its ablative action, ACP-50 may be hauled and relaunched without recoating.185 ACP - ThinnerEver tried mixing Antifouling Paint???It is not easy, so we at HMP haveinvested in a Paint Shaker to service our customers!Free of charge. 6980 Rustlok Steel Primer quart $ 59.00 A one package moisture cured polyurethane coating designed for application over any steel or cast iron surface, including galvanized or stainless steel. Rustlok Steel Primer contains aluminum flake pigment which forms a dense, water impervious barrier. The result is excellent corrosion protection. In addition, Rustlok's polyurethane chemistry offers tremendous adhesive strength and wetting ability. It is this combination that allows Rustlok to perform well even when applied over rusted surfaces. An easy to apply effective anti-corrosive barrier coating.Thinner #120 This is a great product-HMP !Aquagard Bottom PaintWater-based Anti-Fouling Marine Paint for Fiberglass & Wooden Boats. Must allow product to cure for 24hrs before launching boat.- Ablative action repels barnacles & other growth- Fast drying- Water Based paint rolls on easily- Great value and outstanding results- Soap & water clean-up- Exceeds V.O.C. standards Colour Quart Gallon- Controlled leach out Black #10001 #10101- Non-toxic fumes Red #10002 #10102- Also great for use on inflatable boats without the use of primer! Blue #10003 #10103- Plastic containers increase shelf life Shark White #10007 #10107- U.S. EPA approve $ 64.00 $ 184.00488 email: hmp@hollandmarine.comwebsite: www.hollandmarine.comfax:905-891-7972tel:905-891-1639"