b'Thinners $ All Prices in 489Canadian Dollars $ #120 Brushing Thinner$ 32.95120 Brushing Thinner is a general purpose thinner. Many paints when stored for some time before use will increase in viscosity and should be thinned. 120 Brushing Thinner evaporates at a moderate rate and is completely out of the paint film in several hours. Up to 10% is the normal recommended usage, some very hot and windy days may require more thinner. This is a general purpose thinner used in most paint products for ease of application when brushing. #121 Spraying Thinner$ 37.95121 Spray Thinner is a fast evaporating thinner used to reduce most Pettit, Z*Spar and Shipendec products before spray application. This thinner flashes out rapidly.This is a general purpose thinner used in most paint products forease of application when spraying.#185 Spraying Thinner$ 44.00185 Ablative Thinner is specifically formulated for thinning Pettits ablative antifouling paints. Add up to 10% when brushing or rolling on warm or windy days or for a smoother coat. Use up to 15% if spraying.This is the thinner for ACP and Horizons.Woolsey/Z-spar ThinnersT-12 Aquabrite easy brush water based brushing additive$16.00719Vinyl Thinner17.00Interstrip 299E Paint remover utilizes a new technology that delivers an effective paint remover system that does not require methylene chloride, a suspected human carcinogen. Interstrip 299E is Safe for fiberglass surfaces and has a low odor. Interstrip 299E formulation incorporates special sealing agents that allow the stripper to stay wet longer, thereby lengthening working time.299E/GNLASand Paper3M Premium GOLD 9" x 11" sheet 3m Fre-Cut Gold#P80$ 1.55/ea #P1001.55/ea #P1201.55/ea #P1801.55/eaemail: hmp@hollandmarine.comwebsite: www.hollandmarine.comfax:905-891-7972tel:905-891-1639 489'