b'492 $ All Prices in PaintsCanadian Dollars $Bilgekote #100B-1L gray $ 36.95 #102-1L white $ 36.95Is a fast drying, durable coating formulated for application to bilge areas. Bilgekote helps prevent absorption of oil, gasoline or sludge into wood and fiberglass.Hard wearing coating for bilges and bulkheadsChemical resistance to fumes, fuel and oilHigh opacity for thorough coverageCleans easily for reduced upkeepWatertite#VC-WT 500ml$ 49.00 #VC-WTL 1 ltr$ 82.95Is a 2-part; easy to use epoxy compound for filling holes and repairing scratches in gelcoat and fiberglass above and below the waterline. It has a long easy-to-sand window and can be applied to a thickness of 3/4" without sagging. Its superior spreadability makes it an ideal glazing compound for filling small nicks and scratches.PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONWatertite* is a quick drying epoxy filler suitable for use on Fiberglass, Metals, Epoxy and rigid Wood constructions. The formulation does not shrink and is extremely water resistant, making it suitable for osmosis damage repairs.3M Filler Repair High Strength 1 KGA unique vinyl ester two component formulation designed with short strand fiberglass for structural filling above and below the waterline. Quart/862 g.#46013$109.95#6149 Pettit Undercoater quart $ 54.95105 White Undercoater is a high-filling, easy sanding marine type undercoater designed for use on wood and fiberglass surfaces. Provides a smooth base that allows Z*Spar Enamel to dry to a uniform gloss and appearance.Do not use below the waterline.GLUVITPaintable waterproof epoxy seeks, fills and seals cracks in wood, fiberglass and metal. Hard protective coating flexes with hull movements to bridge and seal hairline cracks. Penetrates rotted wood to strengthen stringers, decking and molding. Impact and abrasion reisistant barrier coat minimizes fiberglass blistering and corrosion. Seals leaky aluminum seams and rivets. Long working time allows penetration into cracks to seal and strengthen. Fills minor chips and pinholes. Easily topcoated with bottom or topside coatings and most paints.#30200$94.957125 Glazing Compound This compound is made from a tough, plastic vehicle which dries rapidly for refinishing. Number 7125 is basically intended for a thin film glazing operation over fine, minor abrasions and blemishes where theimperfections are very shallow and small, no more than 1/8" in depth.It can be used on wood, metal and fiberglass. #2White Glazing Putty (semi-paste)29.00/qt492 email: hmp@hollandmarine.comwebsite: www.hollandmarine.comfax:905-891-7972tel:905-891-1639'