b'Paints $ All Prices in 493Canadian Dollars $VC 17Moriginal(copper )#VC17M $ 78.95Red#VC17R 78.95Blue#VC17B 78.95VC 17m is VC\'s world famous innovation in the field of drag reduction antifouling. The original antifouling with "non-stick" technology. Metallic copper powder is added to VC 17m\'s thin fluoro microadditive film to create a hard, super-smooth antifouling coating. Its fluoro microadditive based film shrugs off marine growth, and the exceptional surface smoothness means boat speeds can actually increase by as much as 10%.$ 249.95/4ltr.$ 82.95/ltr.Bottomkote XXX is specially formulated for the cost conscious boat owner requiring a good general purpose antifouling paint.- Traditional Antifouling Protection for Most Areas - Soft Eroding Bottom Paint for Cruising Boats Color Quart Gallon- Fast dry allows recoating between the tides Blue 69 69/GBlack 79 79/GRed 49 49/GPrice $ 39.95 $ 129.95Fiberglass Bottomkoteis a hard modified epoxy, fast dry antifouling paint with clean stable colors that has been developed to provide effective season-long protection on all power and sailboats.The fast dry formula allows the boat to be painted and launched in the same day. - Proven all purpose antifouling protection.Colour Quart Gallon-Fast dry, paint and launch the same day. Blue 669 669/G-Overcoats any existing bottompaint. Black 779 779/GRed 449 449/GGreen 559 559/GBronze #Y999$69.95 Price $ 59.95 $ 176.95email: hmp@hollandmarine.comwebsite: www.hollandmarine.comfax:905-891-7972tel:905-891-1639 493'