b'Racor Fuel Filters $ All Prices in 499Canadian Dollars $Water and dirt in diesel fuel fouls your engine and robs you of power. Racors patented three stageDry, Clean Diesel Fuel The process gets virtually 100% of the damaging water and solid contaminants out of diesel fuel. On dry,Racor Wayclean fuel youll run stronger longer.Maximum protection in minimum space.Designed for diesel engines. A see thru plastic housing is standard.These filters offer reliable protection for small diesel engines and in generator sets and other equipment. Their compact size fits tight mounting locations and multiple ports offer installation flexibility.Up to 100Hp.#120AS 2 micron Complete Assembly 15gph$ 159.95#120AT 10 micron Complete Assembly 15gph159.95#R12S 2 Micron FilterVacuum/Secondary (final) 30.00#R12T 10 Micron Filter 30.00#R12P 30 Micron Filter 39.95The complete assembly with metal bowl. 320R-RAC-02 is UL listed and USCG accepted. Be sure to specify the correct combination of filter and metal or see-thru bowl for your gasoline inboard or outboard engine.#320RRAC02 Whole Assembly 60GPH (Metal Bowl) $ 199.95#S3228SUL2 Micron Replacement Filter 41.00 #S3228TUL10 Micron Replacement Filter 46.99Replacement Filter For Racor 110R #R11S 2 Micron Filter$ 35.00#R11T 10 Micron Filter 39.00Replacement Element For 225 Series#R26S2 Micron Filter Vacuum/Secondary (final) $ 44.95#R26T 10 Micron Filter 44.95#R26P 30 Micron Filter 49.00Replacement Element For 220 Series#R24S 2 Micron Filter Vacuum/Secondary (final)$ 39.95 #R24T10 Micron Filter 45.00 #R24P30 Micron Filter 39.95 Replacement Element For 900 Series#2040SM-OR Secondary (final) w/ O-Rings $ 19.95email: hmp@hollandmarine.comwebsite: www.hollandmarine.comfax:905-891-7972tel:905-891-1639 499'