b'Racor Fuel Filters $ All Prices in 501Canadian Dollars $Replacement Element For 200 Series#2000SM-OR 2 Micron Secondary (final) w/O-Rings$ 28.50#2000TM-OR 10 Micron w/O-Rings 28.50 #2000PM-OR 30 Micron w/O-Rings 28.50#Racor Filter500 Series 60GPH #500FG2Whole Assembly 60GPH $ 399.95Replacement Element For 500 Series#2010SM-OR 2 Micron Secondary (final) w/ O-Rings$ 17.95#2010TM-OR 10 Micron w/ O-Rings17.95#2010PM-OR 30 Micron w/ O-Rings 17.95Fuel Filter Funnel RFF Series Filter Funnels are designed to protect engines during fueling by removing free water and particulates present in stored gasoline, diesel, heating oil, and kerosene. Capable of removing contaminants down to 50 micron in size.#F1C 2.5GPM(For portable tanks) $ 49.95 #F3C 3.5GPM 59.95#F8C 5GPM99.95#F15C12GPM144.95Howes Diesel LubeProvides Anti-gel protection, Injectors and fuel filters last up to three times longer, Engine smoking significantly reduced or stopped, A decrease in oil consumption caused from blow-by, Encapsulates water molecules that burn off harmlessly, Increased combustion and power with less shifting, Prevents low sulphur fuel problems in both warm and cold weather#103070444ml $ 12.00#1030611.9L27.00Diesel Biocide#RX-300$ 44.00# RX-300S $ 29.958OZDiesel Biocide is a highly effective additive for use in controlling the growth of bacteria and fungi in No. 2 fuel oil, intermediate fuel oil and No. 6 fuel oil in marine environments. The formula is alcohol free and provides corrosion protection to engine components.*Fuel and water soluble *Kills more forms of algae and bacteria than any other brand *Kills faster and longer than other brands *Concentrated, time-release formula *Provides superior mixing with fuel at all temperatures *Does not cause foaming *Alcohol free email: hmp@hollandmarine.comwebsite: www.hollandmarine.comfax:905-891-7972tel:905-891-1639 501'