b'504 $ All Prices in Winterizing & StarBoardCanadian Dollars $Kasco De-icerDe-icer creates large amounts of water flow that will prevent ice formation and protect property from the damages of ice jacking and ice expansion pressure. The unit will also allow oxygen to enter the water in the winter providing improved water quality. 3400D0253/4HP $ 849.95 4400D0251HP$ 899.95Ethanol Free Non-Toxic Marine Plumbing Anti-Freeze Flo-Perm plumbing anti-freeze is propylene glycol based and specially formulated to protect water systemsin boats. It is safe and easy to use, and contains rust and corrosion inhibitors that are harmless to copper, brass, plastic etc. Propylene Glycol Will Not Destroy Gaskets And Rubber Parts In Your Boat!#408-31500-100F Non-Toxic Anti-Freeze$ 14.49#ANTI-FREEZE-50F Non-Toxic Anti-Freeze 8.49Flo-Perm Green Anti-FreezeFully Formulated concentrate Containing SCA. Requires no initial supplemental coolant additives.#111-30041Universal Anti-Freeze and Summer Coolant$ 22.95StarBoard The King StarBoard family of products has been used by nearly every boat manufacturer and by thousands of boat owners because of its durability and nearly endless applications. King StarBoard works and cuts easily with standard wood working tools and it is specially formulated to withstand the rigors of harsh outdoor marine environments. King StarBoard is UV-stabilized to resist damage and retain its beauty, even after years of direct sunlight. It does not splinter, crack, delaminate, rot, swell, or absorb water like traditional materials. Even under heavy foot traffic on, it remains virtually maintenance-free. In addition, there is no need to stain or paint.Interstate Plastics Marine Board is a very light and extremely tough, chemically resistant plastic. It does not absorb water and has good sliding abrasion resistance in addition to being self-lubricating. Extremely easy to machine Excellent chemical resistance to acids, alcohols and bases Excellent long term durability Great weather resistancePopular Applications Include:Hatches, Doors, Grab Rails & Handles, Step and Dock Boxes, Rod & Cup Holders, Countertops, Chairs, Tray Tables, Frames and Trim.No. Dimensions PriceP10-2512WHA27-1 1/4X12X27 $ 49.95P10-2524WHA27-1 1/4X24X27NLAP10-5012WHA27-1 1/2X12X27115.00P10-5024WHA27-1 1/2X24X27 207.95P10-5024WHA54-1 1/2X24X54 391.95P10-7512WHA27-1 3/4X12X27 161.95P10-7524WHA27-1 3/4X24X27 259.95504 email: hmp@hollandmarine.comwebsite: www.hollandmarine.comfax:905-891-7972tel:905-891-1639'