b'506 $ All Prices in Fender HoldersCanadian Dollars $Rod Self-Stowing Fender Holders All Models fold down flat for - Fold down quickly and effectively compact storage.- Increase the availability and safety of deck space- Contructed of solid stainless steel rods- No sharp edges, no strips or bands- Swivel to allow for mounting on lower rails- Fits standard 7/8" to 1" rails- Mount in any position on the railSingle Basket Fender HolderFNS-1 For fender up to 7 diameter$ 157.00Double Basket Fender HolderFND-2 For fenders 7 to 9 diameter$ 211.95FND-3 For fenders 9 to 11 diameter$ 336.00Triple Basket Fender HolderFNT-2 For fenders 7 to 9 diameter$ 249.95FNT-3 For fenders 9 to 11 diameter $ 269.95Seadog Double Fender HolderFormed 304 Stainless, For 7/8" & 1" rails. Fender Holders fold down when not in use.# 3273577" Double$ 99.95 # 3273599" Double $ 109.95 # 32736111" Double $ 116.00Fender Rope18" LONG 1/4" braided poly with splicedend loops. white. #8410$ 1.60ea.Double Braid Nylon Fender Lines2 per packPart Number Size Color Price#UNI38X6FLNB 3/8 x 6 Navy Blue $ 11.95#UNI38X6FLBL 3/8 x 6 Black 11.95#UNI38X6FLWH 3/8 x 6 White 11.95#UNI38X6FLRB 3/8 x 6 Royal Blue11.95506 email: hmp@hollandmarine.comwebsite: www.hollandmarine.comfax:905-891-7972tel:905-891-1639'