b'Anchors $ All Prices in 517Canadian Dollars $Kingston PlowModel WidthFlukeOverallPrice In selecting the appropriate size KINGSTON (a) Length (b) Length (c) PLOW for your boat you should consider not only the holding power, but also the weight K-20 11-1/4 16 33 $ 230.00 of the anchor. A small sized anchor may K-27 12-1/2 16-1/2 33261.00 have sufficient hold power once it has dug K-35 14-1/2 18-1/2 39301.00 in; however, it may not be heavy enough K-45 16-1/2 21-1/4 42350.00 to quickly force its way through a layer of K-60 18-1/2 23-1/4 43427.00 weeds to reach holding ground.K-80 21 26 48527.00 See chart on previous page K-120 24 31 49710.00 for correct weight selection. YachtsmanThe yachtsman anchor developed by the genius Nathaniel G. Herreshoff is significantly better than other anchors of this type. He increased the fluke area for greater holding power, and cast the palms in a diamond pattern to reduce the likelihood of fouling the rode on the fluke.C.Q.R. Plow Anchor The yachtsman anchor is more dependent on weight for holding power than the plow or lightweight and, once it is set, it will hold tenaciously. KINGSTON YACHTSMAN DIMENSIONS This has earned it an excellent reputation as a Model Price OverallStockFlukestorm anchor. It is a good anchor where others have Length Length tip-tip difficulties, in rocks and heavy weeds, and is less Y-15 $ 299.00 32 29 20 sensitive to low scope. This is a great advantage in Y-25399.00 36 33 23 tight anchorages.Y-38499.00 40 37 26 The KINGSTON YACHTSMAN is a faithful Y-54599.00 42 40 28 reproduction of this fine anchor. It separates into Y-75799.00 48 44 30 three pieces for easy stowage, permitting a heavy Y1271299.00 50 44 30Y-1991500.00 61 55 39 storm anchor to be carried on board.email: hmp@hollandmarine.comwebsite: www.hollandmarine.comfax:905-891-7972tel:905-891-1639 517'