b'Anchoring Accessories $ All Prices in 521Canadian Dollars $HMP Anchor-LokThe Anchor-Lok is an adjustable, pulpit mounted anchor holder designed for your safety and convenience.It allows quick access to your anchor by getting it out of the locker and out on the bow where it belongs.Made of stainless, comes with mounting hardware and 2 stainless brackets. The brackets are easily installed on any 1" or 7/8" rails, (bow or stern) NE 32-01 NLABollardStainless bright polished Bollard with backing plate #1391SS $ 189.00A Very Nice Finished Product!Heli-Arc Welded And Electropolished Stainless Steelincludes 4 hole backing plate.No. BaseBaseHeight BoltWeightLength Width Size1391SS 8 4-1/2 7-1/4 1/2 8-3/4lbs.1. With whipping twine, or similar, size rope 400mm (16) from rope end and unlay strands. Joining Rope2. Pass one strand through the chain from one side and the other two strands from opposite To Chain side. See sketch. Pull all three strands tight. 3. Remove siezing and complete back splice in normal manner or two full tucks. With a hot knife pare down the three strands by 1/3rd and insert two further tucks. Pare down by another 1/3rd and finish with two tucks. Cut away remaining tails. Note: as a matter of prudent seamanship the splice should be checked regularly and remade if there is any evidence of wear. Saftey InstructionsClassification societies require that a vessel laying to an anchor should have her chain held by a cable stopper or equivalent strong point as windlasses are not designed to take the excessive loads generated under storm conditions. The same rule applies to small craft. Always use heavy nylon bridle, chain stopper or Sampson post to secure your vessel. Do Not use the windlass as a mooring strong point. This instruction is in keeping with good seamanship MoorFasT Hook The Complete Mooring System. - Threads a rope through a ring or cleat up to 2m away from the safety of your own deck and brings it back on board- Unique "claw" shape scoops up buoy rings and shackles that lie flat- Guide a loop safely over a cleat or bollard from your deck- Attach your rope to the end of the feeder line and a simple "push-pull" action threads the feeder line and, by continuing to pull, brings your rope back to your hand#R9700$ 88.00email: hmp@hollandmarine.comwebsite: www.hollandmarine.comfax:905-891-7972tel:905-891-1639 521'