b'522 $ All Prices in AnchorsCanadian Dollars $brucetype AnchorsThis is the best copy available.There are many poor copies, but not this one. Material Weight PriceGalvanized 5KG $ 54.00Galvanized 7.5KG 75.00 GalvanizedGalvanized 10KG 99.95Galvanized 15KG 139.00Galvanized 20KG169.00Galvanized 30KG269.00brucetype AnchorsThis is the best copy that we have seen.We have been selling thesefor over a four years and have had not one complaint!There are many copies of the Material Weight Price bruce anchorthis is the best Stainless 2KG $99.00 one we have found in solid Stainless 5KG229.95 POLISHED STAINLESS!Stainless 7.5KG329.00Stainless 10KG399.95 Thisistheanchorthat Stainless 15KG599.95 we use on HMP.It has Stainless 20KG849.95 never failed us!PeterStainless 30KG 1039.95Rocna Original AnchorPart Number MaterialWeight Price4KGGALV Galvanized 4KG $ 194.956KGGALV Galvanized 6KG $ 269.9510KGGALV Galvanized 10KG $ 349.9515KGGALV Galvanized 15KG $ 479.9520KGGALV Galvanized 20KG $ 599.9525KGGALV Galvanized 25KG $ 799.9533KGGALV Galvanized 33KG $1099.95Simpson Lawrence Delta Anchor#DELTA9 Anchor Delta 9 GAL V $ 129.00#DELTA14 Anchor Delta 14 GALV210.00#DELTA22 Anchor Delta 22 GALV 279.00#DELTA35 Anchor Delta 35 GALV 399.95#DELTA44 Anchor Delta 44 GALV 499.00522 email: hmp@hollandmarine.comwebsite: www.hollandmarine.comfax:905-891-7972tel:905-891-1639'