b'524 $ All Prices in Anchor LinesCanadian Dollars $Choosing your "Ground Tackle" Nylon combines high strength and elasticity for use in anchoring and dock lines. As a general rule a boat up to 5000 lbs. uses 3/8" nylon line.Over5000 lbs approximately 32\' long used 1/2" anchor line, generally above 32\' to 38\' boat requires a 5/8"anchor line, above these boat sizes we get into 3/4" and 1" anchor anddock lines. This is however a general guide.House boats with high windage, large cruiserswithhighfreeboard, andflybridges, causea much higher load on the anchor and dock lines.When indoubtofthe sizeofline necessary ask us and we will advise you what anchor line, anchor, chain, andshacklesyouneed.This is called your "ground tackle". Nylonstretches, therefore it is unwise to use an over sized orundersizedrode.Anoversizedrodewillnotstretch sufficiently, whichwillbehardonthevesseland its deck hardware.An under sized rode will stretch excessively.In the past, we at Holland Marine have discovered that people who "drag" their anchors, just do not have the proper ground tackle!Although the right anchor is important, it is even more important to have a good length of chain.As a general rule there should be 1 foot of chain per foot length of boat.There is no such thing as too much chain-the greater the length of chain, the less the amount of scope.The general rule for scope of anchor line is 7 to 1.Therefore if you had a 200\' anchor line you could safely anchor in 30\' of water,by increasing the length of chain, you could anchor in deeper waters with less scope.Largerboats that end up going south (a great number of our customers do) usually take 200\' all chain ontheir primary anchor.This is sometimes a concern to our customers because of the weight.The weight is approximately the same as two adults standing on the bow.We now stock 5/16" high tensile BBB and 3/8" high tensile BBB, the 5/16" high tensile BBB being stronger and much lighter than the regular 3/8" BBB.Remember that your ground tackle is the only thing keeping you off a lee shore in a storm when everything else fails!We hope that you now can make an educated decision about your ground tackle, if you still have questions regarding your ground tackle, give us a call and we will gladly help you make the right decision.In. MM Approx. Av. Break Str.3/8 9 4,800lbs1/2 12 8,300lbs5/8 16 14,500lbs3/4 18 18,000lbs1 24 32,000lbs524 email: hmp@hollandmarine.comwebsite: www.hollandmarine.comfax:905-891-7972tel:905-891-1639'