b'Anchor Chain $ All Prices in 527Canadian Dollars $Regular Link Anchor Chain-Grade 30 Your anchor chain is equally as important Size In. Price PerInside Dimensions Weightas your anchor.As a general rule, 1 ft. of Foot Length In. Width In. per 100ftchain per foot of boat, however this is only lbs. a general rule.There is no such thing as 5/16 $ 3.30 1.12 .50 100.62 too much chain! !BBB Chain is calibrated 3/8 $ 4.25 1.23 .62 145.63 chain for windlass\'s the links are slightly shorter than regular link.We at HMP now offer high tensile G40 for those who want Chain Size Guide an extremely strong chain with a savings in weight.If you do not have a windlass then the standard Grade 30 anchor chain ALL OF OUR IMPERIAL CHAIN IS MADE IN THE USA(regular link) is most likely what you will BY ACCO/PEERLESS.ALL OF OUR METRIC CHAINneed.For those who are going south we IS MADE ITALY.THIS IS PROPER CALIBRATEDstock the BBB and grade 40 (G4) 200ft WINDLASS CHAIN.THIS IS NOT CHINESE CHAINlength(3/8")and 275ft length (5/16").LIKE MOST OTHER STORES ARE SELLING! Size DDPPWPartWorkingWt. PerPrice(mm) in. (mm) in. (mm) Number Load100 ft.PerLimit Lbs Foot 6mm ISO 45656.018.021.6 6mm Din 7666.018.520.2 #6mm $ 2.95 " ISO G47.021.324.4 #1/4G4 $ 5.65 7mm Din 7667.022.023.3 " BBB7.122.525.28mm Din 7668.024.027.2 POA 8mm ISO 45658.024.028.85/16" BBB 8.0 .343 1.0 #5/16BBB 1,900 110.80 POA5/16" ACCO G48.426.229.7 #5/16G4 $ 6.00 5/16" TITAN CHAING4HIGH TEST$ 4.50 10mm Din 76610.028.036.0 $ 8.753/8"BBB 10.0 .406 1.1 #3/8BBB 2,650 163.90 $ 7.50 3/8" ISO G410.031.035.0 #3/8G4 $ 6.95email: hmp@hollandmarine.comwebsite: www.hollandmarine.comfax:905-891-7972tel:905-891-1639 527'