b'Rope $ All Prices in 531Canadian Dollars $Standards For Strength And UsageNew Rope Tensile Strengths. New Rope Tensile Strengths are based on tests on new and unused rope of standard construction in accordance with manufacturersStandard TestMethods. It can be expected that strengths will decrease as soon as a rope is put into use.Working Loads. Because of the wide range of rope uses, changes in rope condition, exposure to the several factors affecting rope behavior and the degree of risk to life and property involved it is impossible to make blanket recommendations as to working loads. Working loads are given for rope in good condition with appropriate splices, in non-critical applications and under normal service conditions. Working loads are based on a percentage of the approximate average breaking strength of new and unused rope of current manufacture. For Braided Ropes used under normal conditions, the working-load percentage is between 11% and 20% of published strengths Normal Working Loads do not cover dynamic conditions such as shock loads or sustained loads nor do they cover where life limb or valuable properly are involved.In these cases a lower working load must be used. A higher working load may be selected only with expert knowledge of conditions and professional estimate of risk, if the rope has been inspected and found to be in good condition, and if the rope has not been subject to dynamic loading (such as sudden drops. snubs or pick-ups) excessive use elevated temperatures or extended periods under load. Persons should be warned against the serious danger of standing in line with a rope under tension. Should the rope fail, it may recoil with considerable force.In all cases where such risks are present, or where is any question about the loads involved or the conditions of use, the working load should be substanlially reduced and the rope be properly inspected before every use.We at Holland Marine Products Wire to Rope HalyardsOffer professionally hand spliced wire to rope halyards made from high quality, bright dry stainless steel 7 x 19 wire withHMP Yacht Braid tails.HMP Halyards have extra long tails for fitting around turning blocks and leading aft to cockpit.Available in Solid White line or Red, Blue, Green, Red/Blue, Black/Yellow, Green/Black, Red/Black, Black fleck tracer.The standard sizes listed are always in stock.Of course any size can be made to order and your shackle, or a new shackle, can be crimped on. Wire Rope Part No. PriceThe cost to install/crimp on a shackle is $ 10.00. Dia Length Dia LengthWhen ordering be sure to indicate what color1/8" 30\' 5/16" 30\' 430-3030 $ 136.00coding you want. 1/8" 40\' 3/8" 50\' 430-4050 $ 177.005/32" 40\' 3/8" 60\' 430-4060 $ 183.00In case you want us to splice a new rope tail to3/16"50\' 7/16" 60\' 430-5060 $ 223.00your wire, the cost per splice is $ 69.00. (We only1/4" 60\' 7/16" 70\' 430-6070 $ 298.00splice our own rope!)It takes close to two hours1/4" 65\' 1/2" 70\' 430-6570 $ 345.00to do a "proper" wire to rope splice! 1/4" 70\' 1/2" 70\' 830-7070 $ 425.00email: hmp@hollandmarine.comwebsite: www.hollandmarine.comfax:905-891-7972tel:905-891-1639 531'