b'532 $ All Prices in Polypropylene LineCanadian Dollars $Polypropylene LineIs only being used for the legal requirement of minimum 50\' heaving line.We do recommend 75-100\' and for that we stock 3/8" Hollow Braid.It is light, cheap and floats.The colour is yellow (or white) for high visibility and sells for 28cents/ft.Polypropylene deteriorates in sunlight, as I walk down the dock I see everyone\'s heaving line hanging on the rail, all weekif you would put your heaving line and horseshoe ring in the locker when you are not on the boat it would probably last forever!We use a 100\' heaving/safety line at all times when single-handing.There is one float at the end and another in the middle (emergency resting place).If and when you do fall overboard, don\'t swim for the boat-swim towards the line!Most people can not swim fast enough to catch a boat sailing along at 6 knts.In the case of a faster cruising boat a much longer line is recommended with more floats. One should also have a proper boarding ladder which is accessible from the water. The trick is to lash it in such a means that it can be untied from the water and dropped down (right on your head if you\'re not careful knocking you out and defeating the whole effort!). We also stock a stronger Double BraidPolypropylene for those who want a stronger heaving line.This lineis bright orange or yellow.Of course we will make up any length of heaving line you require.Flag HalyardThis 1/8" solid core polyester braid makes smart white flag halyards.It is also used for lashings, sail ties, large whippings, tie downs, Double Braid Floating Line starter cords, topping lifts, ditty bag drawstrings, 1/4" black #1/4FLB 25 cents/ft lacings and leech lines.Available by the ft. Or 1/4" orange#1/4FL25 cents/ft by the roll.3/8" orange #3/8FL50 cents/ft #1/8W$ 0.15/FTwhite or black 1/2" orange #1/2FL80 cents/ft #C-2 1000\' ROLL$ 95.00white only50\' OF 3/8" WHITE POLYPROPYLENE3/8"WHITEPOLYPROPYLENEHEAVING LINE WITHFLOAT Hollow Braid#33416$ 23.00 #3/8HB 35 cents/ft Hmp Professional Aluminum Splicing FidsCustom made with splicing marks.For splicing double braid or hollow braid. SIZEITEM NO.PRICE 3/16"3/16FID$16.00 1/4"1/4FID16.75 5/16"5/16FID17.50 3/8"3/8FID18.50 7/16"7/16FID19.00 1/2"1/2FID20.00 5/8"5/8FID29.00 3/4"3/4FID39.00 1"1FID50.00532 email: hmp@hollandmarine.comwebsite: www.hollandmarine.comfax:905-891-7972tel:905-891-1639'