b'Halyard Braid $ All Prices in 533Canadian Dollars $Halyard Braidis low stretch rope manufactured of polyester fibers.Unlike nylon which has a lot of stretch, polyester has very little stretch.Double halyard braid gives extremely low stretch with exceptional load capacity.This kind of line is especially suitable for halyards including spinnaker and jib sheets.Polyester should never be used in anchoring or dock lines.We stock only the best grade of halyard braid-made in canada.Polyester Braid 1/16" Is stocked in white and blackSIZE/DIA. APPROX.PRICE only.1/8" Is stocked in white orBREAKINGPER black.3/16" Is stocked in white orSTRENGTH FT. white with red,blue, or green trac-1/16"$0.10 er.1/4" To 1/2" is stocked in white 1/8"800LBS0.15 or white with red, blue, green, red/3/16" 1200LBS0.25 blue, or gold/black.5/8" And 3/4" 1/4"1700 LBS0.38 is only stocked in white. Please 5/16" 2600LBS0.48 specifiy when Ordering!3/8"3750LBS0.60 NEW COLOURS!7/16" 5100LBS0.80 1/4" - 1/2" White with black tracer1/2"6550LBS0.85 or White with green/black and red/5/8"white 11400LBS1.50 black. These were the colours 5/8" blue tracer11400LBS 1.50 used By CS Yachts!3/4"white 14300LBS1.55WE ALSO STOCK 3 STRAND DACRON/POLYESTER FOR HALYARDS ETC. DO NOT EVER USE FOR MOORING OR ANCHORING!POLYESTER TWISTSIZE/DIA. APPROX. PRICE Although not as strong as braid,BREAKINGPER the twist line is still used inSTRENGTH FT. traditional applications, but made 1/4"1100 LBS$0.30 of polyester which is superior than thetraditional material.5/16" 2400LBS0.45 Polyester does not rot.3/8"2700LBS0.50We of course do in house custom splicing and rigging.Weonly splice our new rope. The charge of slicing rope is $ 16.00 Each.Our rigger has more than 30yrs. Experience. In the off season splices can usually be done while you wait.email: hmp@hollandmarine.comwebsite: www.hollandmarine.comfax:905-891-7972tel:905-891-1639 533'