b'534 $ All Prices in Nylon RopeCanadian Dollars $Nylon RopeNylon is used for dock lines, anchor lines, anywhere stretch is required.By stretching, nylon gives the boat a more gentle ride at the dock, allowing the boat to move with the waves.This is also much easier on deck hardware.Using incorrect line will damage the boat, causing cracks in gel coat and even ripping out cleats.Many times we see boaters using old halyards as dock lines.This is the wrong place to cut corners, old halyards are weak and have almost no stretch!Nylon is also a good product for anchor lines.Stretching prevents surges from pulling out the anchor, it also gives a more gentle ride in a storm.At the same time, nylon is not acceptable for us as halyards because of the amount of stretch.Nylon Gold Braid Nylon TwistSIZE/DIA. APPROX.PRICE SIZE/DIA. APPROX.PRICE BREAKINGPERBREAKINGPER STRENGTH FT.STRENGTH FT.3/8"3750LBS $0.65 3/8"3750LBS$ 0.401/2"6550LBS1.15 1/2"5700LBS 0.775/8"11400LBS 1.45 5/8"10000LBS 1.403/4"14300LBS 2.25 3/4"12500LBS 1.951"32000LBS POANylon Braid (Solid Black) Nylon Braid (Solid Blue)SIZE/DIA. APPROX.PRICE SIZE/DIA. APPROX.PRICE BREAKINGPERBREAKINGPER STRENGTH FT.STRENGTH FT.3/8"3750LBS $ 0.65 3/8"3750LBS $ 0.651/2"6550LBS0.95 1/2"6550LBS1.155/8"11400LBS1.60 5/8"11400LBS1.60Steel KingIs manufactured from 100% Ultra Hight Molecular Weight Polyethylene Fiber. It has the Lowest stretch 12 strand construction, and the highest strength to weight ratio. Light weight, floating and easy to splice. Excellent abrasion resistants to withstand normal wear and tear. Is designed for winch lines, tow lines, rigging lines, utility lines and Wire rope halyard replacement. 1/8SK 1/8" Gray 2800lbs Breaking Strength$ 0.70/FT 3/16SK3/16" Gray 5200lbs Breaking Strength 1.10/FT 1/4SK 1/4" Gray 8700lbs Breakins Strength 1.60/FT3/8BSKBlue Cover Steel King 3/16" Core1.50/FT 3/8RSKRed Cover Steel King 3/16" Core 1.50/FT 3/8BLSKBlack Cover Steel King 3/16" Core1.50/FT7/16BSKBlue Cover Steel King 1/4" Core 2.30/FT 7/16RSKRed Cover Steel King 1/4" Core 2.30/FT 7/16BLSKBlack Cover Steel King 1/4" Core 2.30/FT534 email: hmp@hollandmarine.comwebsite: www.hollandmarine.comfax:905-891-7972tel:905-891-1639'