b'536 $ All Prices in WindlassCanadian Dollars $Aries Vertical WindlassThe Aries is a vertical application windlass perfect for boats with small oval deck space. This unit is composed of anodized aluminum which is a durable element when dealing with harsh marine environments. Additional features include an IP67 watertight motor, anodized aluminum gearbox, and chain stopper. This unit is sold complete with the windlass, and solenoid unit.PRICES VALID FOR STOCK ON HAND ONLY!!Aries Series 300W -For Boats 18-22 ft.RegularSpecial94-276A300W, 12V1/4" Chain $ 1130.50$ 479.00Aries Series 300W -For Boats 18-29 ft.94-276Z500W, 12V w/ Drum 1/4" Chain $ 1350.00$ 699.00Tauro CapstanCompact, strong, top performance. An elegant solution to the problem of too little muscle power, is precision-machined to give you more muscle for your money than comparable units. Quick Tauro Capstan from 700 W to 1000 W motors have been designed to meet any user\'s requirements. Quick Tauro Capstans are chrome-plated bronze drums are smart, strong and durable. The housing ensures that the motors are completely watertight to IP67 specification.PRICES VALID FOR STOCK ON HAND ONLY!!Tauro Capstan Series 700W -For Boats 22-34 ft.RegularSpecial94-520A700W, 12V 7-10mm Line$ 1569.75$ 849.00Tauro Capstan Series 1000W -For Boats 34-42 ft.94-525A1000W, 12V 10-13mm Line$ 1605.75$ 899.00536 email: hmp@hollandmarine.comwebsite: www.hollandmarine.comfax:905-891-7972tel:905-891-1639'