b'544 $ All Prices in Strobe LightsCanadian Dollars $ RapidFire Strobe#3961.1NLAPull-Pin Inflatable PFD Strobe Small, compact, rugged, waterproof; pack inside inflatable life jacket or attach to standard life vest Pull-pin activation: Automatically lights when vest inflates or if manually pulled Adjustable flash shield for optimum eye protectionPull-pin lanyard clips to bottom of inflation chamberLight test feature with Test Key to ensure readiness-can be tested many times Easy to mount-fits on inflation tube via O Ring which will not damageinflation tube, or fits on any strap of conventional life jacket Tamper Tab breaks to indicate light has been activated Long term storage lithium battery-10 year storage life (recommendedreplacement 5 years from date of purchase-write month/year of replacementdate on case at time of purchase)Operating life-approximately 8 hours continuous at -20C (-4F) Size: 3.1 L x 1.8 W x 1.6 D in (7.9 L x 4.6 W x 4.1 D cm)Auto Life Jacket Light- Light automaticaly activates when immersed in water and will remain lit once water activated- Automatic low profile light is a single compact flashing unit- TC, USCG and SOLAS Approved - Light can be turned off manually.- Light will last for 60hrs#LIGHT$ 29.95Fire Bucket- Round Bottom - Painted Red- Marked "For Fire Only"#Bucket$ 49.95Fire Blanket# 90-551 $ 49.001m x 1m- Fiberglass Fire blanker in rigid in rigid ABS container - Complies with BS EN 1869 Standards- Material is continuous glass cloth - Container: 9-13/16" x 6-7/8" x 1-3/4"- Simple twin tab pull operating systemFire AxeRegulation fire axe, red.# UNEX$ 58.95544 email: hmp@hollandmarine.comwebsite: www.hollandmarine.comfax:905-891-7972tel:905-891-1639'