b'Saftey $ All Prices in 545Canadian Dollars $Enables Crew To Detect Engine Fires Quickly And Extinguish Them SafelyAllows you to visually inspect an engine compartment without opening it and adding oxygen to the fireConcentrates extinguishing chemicalGives you the opportunity to eliminate, or at least control, the situation until help can arriveLessens the risk of injury to crew membersCan be easily installed within minutesClear with Instruction Sticker #69502.7" Clear $ 14.95Fox 40 LED Floating FlashlightA water-resistant, compact go-anywhere floating Dolphin Floating Flashlight flashlight with three LED bulbs. Shock-resistant Requires either 4D type or 1 Lanterncasing and non-slip grip. Bright red colour makes it style battery (not included)easy to spot. Includes 2AA Batteries # 1700NLA # 7914-0100$ 13.00Signal-Mate Emergency VHF AntennaSignal-Mate is a coil-stored VHF emergency replacement #NE 71-01 antenna with automatic uncoiling action. Ready for emergency use in just seconds. No extra hardware is $ 29.00 required. It can normally broadcast and receive signals up to 15 miles. The protective coating guards the antenna against corrosive elements. Its design accommodates a centre frequency of 156.8 MHz (Marine Emergency Channel).To store, simply roll the antenna towards the connector and fasten. The weather-resistant, reusable package ensures safe storage. email: hmp@hollandmarine.comwebsite: www.hollandmarine.comfax:905-891-7972tel:905-891-1639 545'