b'Radar Reflectors $ All Prices in 551Canadian Dollars $#153DELUXE $ NLAInsures That Ships Have A Chance Of Seeing You In Fog And Low Visibility Conditions.A must for serious boaters. Full 12.5 (317.5mm) diameter circular reflector plates provide 13.2 square yards (11 sq, meters) a maximum effective radar cross section in the x or 3cm band (9-9.6 GHz frequency).*#_152$ 99.95offers equivalent radar cross section of conventional triangular plate reflector with approximate 17 (432mm) diagonal dimension. Deluxe Mounting SystemPermits affixing to cabin top,#156$ 20.25mast structures, pulpits, buoys, halyards, etc. Included with Deluxe Model # 153#151$ 37.95Effective in any weatherEmergency Radar ReflectorEvery small boat needs a radar reflector. The Davis Emergency Radar Reflector is a compact, lightweight and economical unit that disassembles and stows flat for storage. When needed, it pops open to 11.5" diameter (29 cm) and installs in seconds. Its three perpendicular planes reflect radar from all directions. Made of special plastic-metal foil laminate. Resists corrosion and peeling.Radar ReflectorAluminum radar reflector for maximum effective radar cross section.Anodized aluminum.With the increased traffic of large ships on the lake, radar reflectors are no longer an option, rather a requirement for safety.Greatly improves other ships ability to see you! #70022$28.00email: hmp@hollandmarine.comwebsite: www.hollandmarine.comfax:905-891-7972tel:905-891-1639 551'