b'552 $ All Prices in Radar ReflectorsCanadian Dollars $Radar Performance diagramsWhats a performance diagram?In its most simplified form, imagine a ship making a complete circle around your boat. Its radar would hit your stationary radar reflector from all angles. If we plotted how strong the reflected radar signal is at all these angles. We would have a performance diagram.How to read a performance diagramRadar reflectors are generally measured in comparison to a standard metallic sphere of a given cross sectional area. The units of m (square meters) refer to the size the metallic sphere would have to be in order to give the same reflectivity as the radar reflector being tested. The larger the value in m, the better the reflector.Whats acceptable performance?A good reflector should have a pattern that distributes its peaks uniformly around its azimuth. Peaks should approach or exceed 3.2m and valleys should be minimal in width. The Davis reflectors % 151, 152, and 153 shows good balance (strong peaks/narrow valleys and have stood the test of time and are the industry standard. Most of the other reflectors show either inadequate peaks and/or large areas where no response is present. A ship within these sectors would have a very low likelihood of detecting a boat equipped with the Mobri, Life-A-Line, or Radar Flag. TheS-2radar reflector is our most popular model. It offers a compact lightweight design by using 40 pieces of aluminium arranged at 90 degrees and staggered at 45 degrees. It provides a radar cross section of 2 sqm.*Very noiseless *Light weight *Low windage *Less chance of chafe to the sails and rigging #MOBS2 $ 34.95The M-2radar reflector comes with a tilting bracket which makes this model especially appropriate for powerboats. it has the same construction as the S-2, offering the same radar cross section of 2 sqm.Can be laid down *Easy to remove *Very noiseless *Light weight *Low windage#MOBM2$ 39.95552 email: hmp@hollandmarine.comwebsite: www.hollandmarine.comfax:905-891-7972tel:905-891-1639'