b'Battery Isolators $ All Prices in 59Canadian Dollars $1 Alternator-3 Batteries 70 Amp Guest Battery IsolatorsMax. output per Alternator: 70 AmpsOperation: 12V Dimensions: 4.0"W x 5.0"D x 2.75"H #2404 $ 89.002 Alternators-2 Batteries 70 Amp1 Alternator, 1 BatteryMax. output per Alternator: 70 Amps Used for adding an additional battery to Operation: 12V an existing system.Dimensions: 5.0"W x 7.0"D x 2.75"H 70 amp continuous rating.#2402 $ 89.00 #2420 $ 44.00Charles Marine BATTERY ISOLATOR splits the rechargingBattery Isolatoroutput from your motors alternator and distributes it to each battery, only as needed. This wholly solid-state system feeds#13555120AMP$ 99.00more charge to whichever battery needs it MOST and also prevents one battery pulling power from the other. You wont find yourself stranded because both batteries are drained from over-use or from a defective accessory. Compact size and low operating temperature is accomplished through state-of-the-art electronics. Use the 20Amp Battery Isolator with any domestic motor up to 140hp. The 60 and 120 Amp Battery Isolators are designed for larger engines with negative ground and outputs of 120 Amps or less. Marine Battery IsolatorsProMariner Battery Isolators with gold-plated terminals* and improved efficiency, provide enhanced charging.Rated for use with DC devices maximum 70 amps. Part no.ConfigurationMax. currentPrice #2-130-2 2-130-22 alt./2 bat. 130 amp $139.00 #2-70-2 2-70-22 alt./2 bat.70 amp89.00email: hmp@hollandmarine.comwebsite: www.hollandmarine.comfax:905-891-7972tel:905-891-1639 59'