b"62 $ All Prices in Electrical WireCanadian Dollars $Size Color Desc. Part 100'1' FT 18 AWG Tinned Number ROLLPrice Primary WirePrice18 Red 18AWG 18AWGR $ 24.003018 Black 18AWG 18AWGB24.003018 LTBL 18AWG 18AWGLB24.003018 Grey 18AWG 18AWGB24.003018 Pink 18AWG 18AWGP 24.003018 White 18AWG 18AWGW 24.003018 Yellow 18AWG 18AWGY 24.003018 Brown 18AWG 18AWGBR24.003018 Green 18AWG 18AWGG 24.0030Duplex and Triplex WireANCOR Duplex Cables are made to surpass the highest UL Boat Cable standards with ultra flexible (Type 3/Class K) stranding to resist fatigue due to vibration and flexing.Standard Duplex WireSize Color Desc. Part100'1' FTNumber Price Price10/2 red/black 10AWG 10/2 $ 175.00$2.2512/2 red/black 12AWG 12/2129.001.6514/2 red/black 14AWG 14/299.001.1516/2 red/black 16AWG 16/289.001.00Safety Duplex WireSize Color Desc. Part100'1' FTNumber Price Price10/2 red/yellow 10AWG 10/2s $ 190.00$2.3012/2 red/yellow 12AWG 12/2s129.001.7514/2 red/yellow 14AWG 14/2s99.001.2516/2 red/yellow 16AWG 16/2s95.001.10Standard Tripex WireSize Color Desc. Part100'1' FTNumber Price Price10/3 black/white/green 10AWG 10/3 $ 210.00$3.2512/3 black/white/green 12AWG 12/3174.002.7514/3 black/white/green 14AWG 14/3A135.001.6562 email: hmp@hollandmarine.comwebsite: www.hollandmarine.comfax:905-891-7972tel:905-891-1639"