b'8 $ All Prices in Holland Marine ProductsCanadian Dollars $Holland Marine Products, Hmp, And Are Registered Trade Marks Of This Company.This entire catalogue is covered by the statement E.&O.E.!! Do you know what this means??Quite frankly this is a statement that the lawyers say we must make.E.&O.E. stands for Errors And Omissions Excepted , which basically protects us from mistakes that may occur in the publishing of our catalogue. We have spent thousands of hours and years collecting the information to produce this catalog.The newest member of our staff to work on the catalog is Jennifer (daughter).She alone has spent more than 2000hrs on this catalog.She has standardized fonts thruout, changed text from all caps to sentence caps,and im-proved the quality of images and information.I myself have spent over a thousand hours on this production of the catalogue.Keep in mind of the hours spent on previous catalogues to come to the finish product, this catalogue.There is a reason that most other marine stores do no have a catalogue,not just the money to pro-duce one, but the time involved to produce it! This catalogue cost us well over $ 100,000.00 to produce, so now i will say what i do every time we finish a catalogueThis is the Best Catalogue that we have ever produced!!You will find many new products,not gift or ornamental items, but real functional marine equipment.We at Holland Marine are real boaters, many of you have seen us around the great lakes, and yes to the most frequent question,,, yes we do have a yellow and black HMP spinnaker! We spend most of our free time sailing or working on our boat.I built the last CS36M myself and it has turned out extremely well.When you come to us for advice, we have the answer because we have al-ready done it ourselves. Everyone at Holland Marine Products is a boater!Our computer is not the same as the restno one else has the system we have! When a customer starts to do business with us a file is created on our computer and this file keeps all information about your purchases, problems, history, likes and dislikes, good or badforever. Our computer has such a large capacity that we do not have the need to dump old records.We keep these records for your inquiry in the future.What does this do for you??? It means that we rarely make a mistake as to what paint you use or what kind of hardware and equipment you bought.We have the largest in store stock in Canada!Many of our customers take their boats south and even around the world.Sooner or later they call from some corner of the world needing something.Because of our computer we know all we need to know about them and can quickly ship them the right parts fast.8 email: hmp@hollandmarine.comwebsite: www.hollandmarine.comfax:905-891-7972tel:905-891-1639'