b'Alternator $ All Prices in 93Canadian Dollars $BALMAR ALTERNATOR KIT 100A SGL#60-YP-100-SR-KIT$ 1499.95Fits most Yanmar engines.Direct repacement for Hitachi Alternators 3.15"saddle mountBALMAR ALTERNATOR KIT 100A SGL#621-VUP-100-SR$ 1340.00Fits most 1" or 2" mounts, such as motorola or GM Alternators.Fits most volvo engines.Light-duty 6-Series Alternators are engineered to replace most OEM alternators on a wide variety of marine gasoline and diesel engines.Kits include: alternator, ARS-5 regulator,alternator/battery temp. sensors & hardware kit.BALMAR REGULATOR MULTI-STAGE 12VARS-5-H $ 449.955-Selectable charging programsAlternator & battery temp. sensingAlpha-numeric LED displayFully potted circuitryWhile it carries the same smart chargingprofiles of the premium Max Charge regulator, the ARS-5 features programming limited to two simple elements; bat-tery type and drive belt to alternator output ratio. The bright, easy-to-read LED display monitors basic, or in-depth opera-tional data. Alternator and battery temperature sensing (optional sensors MC-TS-A and MC-TS-B, are required) adds even greater functionality.BALMAR TEMPERATURE SENSOR FORALTERNATORS#MC-TS-A $ 69.00BALMAR TEMPERATURE SENSOR FOR BATTERY #MC-TS-B $ 89.00Required to provide maximum protection for your alternator and battery when using Balmar\'s Max Charge 612 / 624, ARS-5 Regulators or Digital Duo Charge.email: hmp@hollandmarine.comwebsite: www.hollandmarine.comfax:905-891-7972tel:905-891-1639 93'