b"96 $ All Prices in Vhf RadioCanadian Dollars $ATLANTIS 275#ANTLANTIS275$159.95*NEW Handheld Floating Two-Way VHF Marine RadioMODELJIS7/IPX7 Submersible Waterproof level + Designed to FloatPHOTO1/2.5/6W (VHF) + Power Boost PTT KeyNOT10 Hour Battery Life EXACT* NOAA Weather ChannelsDual and Triple Watch OperationVery inexpensive radio, we have used theAtlantis Vhf's on our own boat for yrsPeterThe Uniden Atlantis 275 features all NOAA emergency weather channels, as well as all USA, International and Canadian marine channels. It also meets IPX7 submersible waterproof standards. The Atlantis' brilliant backlit LCD display makes it easy to use, day or night for the power to go anywhere.FEATURES:-JIS7/IPX7 Submersible Waterproof level + Designed to Float - So you can use it just about anywhere in any weather condition.-1/2.5/6W (VHF) + Power Boost PTT Key-10 Hour Battery Life -FLOATS-NOAA Weather Channels - Sounds a warning tone when a hazard alert is issued.-Dual and Triple Watch Operation - These different watch modes let you monitor up to two Coast -Guard Distress/Hailing channels along with one regular marine channel.-Weather Alert Watch mode - Mutes the radio while it monitors a preset Weather channel. It sounds an alarm if there are broadcasts on that channel. Put the radio in the charger to keep power on.-Emergency 16/9 Channel Monitoring - It can scan one or both of these emergency channels regularly within normal scanning cycles.-Large, Easy-To-Read Backlit LCD Screen-AC & DC Adapter and Charging Cradle Included-Glow SealsWHAM - Second Wireless Handheld Access Microphone#UNWHAM2-WH$ 99.00This does not include the control unit.You must have the control inorder for this to work.Accessory Wireless Microphone for the POLARIS and OCEANUS Radios.Wireless Operation for the Polaris and Oceanus radiosSubmersible - Meets the JIS7 StandardsAll USA/International and Canadian Marine ChannelsDSC (Digital Selective Calling) -Distress Button, Position Send and Request.Backlit LCD Display and KeypadP.A. (Public Address) Control - Oceanus RadioS.A.M.E. Weather Alert - Specific Area Message Encoding - During a NOAA Weather or Emergency Alert, a code for your specific location will alert you to severe conditions in your immediate area.Triple Watch Plus/Memory Channel Scan/ Drop-In Charger/NiMH Battery Included/Alkaline Battery Capability/AC & DC Adapter and Belt Clip Included96 email: hmp@hollandmarine.comwebsite: www.hollandmarine.comfax:905-891-7972tel:905-891-1639"